Watalook is a beauty tech start-up developed to help self-employed beauty professionals grow and effectively manage their beauty businesses, build strong relationships with their clients, and become an important and well-known platform in the beauty services industry.

Watalook, a start-up created by Lithuanians, aims to fundamentally change the beauty services sector and modernize the work of beauty specialists.

The founders of the platform noticed the problems faced by professionals working in the beauty industry and decided to assist in solving them. When specialists change their workplace, a large part of clients’ data remains in beauty salons, a high number of no-shows and a lot of time is spent on registering clients and other administrative work – all this led to the creation of a complex solution that would solve many problems at once.

Watalook provides beauty professionals and their clients with a 24/7 beauty service booking platform, smart calendar, and automatic SMS reminders toll for clients, collects information about clients and their visits, and allows each specialist to save up to 22 hours per month.